Best Running Caps and Hats for summer

best coolest running hats and caps for summer

Best Running Caps Buyer’s Guide 2020

The recent years have seen a tremendous shift in fashion trends – especially concerning street style. We have gone from sporting elaborate hairdos and a made-up no-makeup look to comfortable tracksuits and the best running caps. Carefully curated artsy looks have been replaced by athleisure. Comfy loungewear has taken over the racks that were once filled by graphic t-shirts. And all of this change seems to have almost happened overnight.

Because these trends are so volatile and never remain the same, keeping track of them can be considerably challenging. One moment you would think that matte lips were the in thing, and the next moment all you see are plump, glossy lips in every advertisement for lip products. Similarly, chunky jewelry is mostly being replaced by minimal pieces, and fashionable running caps have taken over bulky sunglasses.

In this article, we will focus on one of these trends that have taken the world by storm recently. Yes, we are talking about running caps and hats!

In the following paragraphs, we will dissect this particular fashion craze in detail. We will deeply explore its need, practicality, and aesthetic value.

Then we will go in further and see what the best running caps have in common. We will even review some of the best options in this category and discuss their various positive and negative aspects. If you have been considering buying a running cap but cannot make up your mind about one, don’t worry! All you have to do is read this piece until the very last paragraph. By the end, you will most certainly be well informed enough to make a smart decision. Let’s begin.

Why Do Runners Have To Wear A Running Hat?

First off, let’s start with why people wear running caps in the first place. Isn’t stressing about your trainers and tracksuits enough? Why should runners not overlook having a good quality running cap? What are the benefits of wearing these caps, and what would happen if one did not bother with one?

There are three primary reasons why running caps are so popular with sports enthusiasts. Let’s look at all of them one by one.

The best running caps protect your head from extreme weather:

The most pragmatic reason to wear running headgear is to offer yourself protection. Wearing a suitable running cap can help keep your head safe from the external environment. And this works in both – summers and winters!

In the hot summer, the right running cap will wick off the sweat from your head and keep you cool. If the sun is too harsh the day of your run, your running cap will be a barrier between your scalp and the harmful rays. Allowing the heat from your head to escape quickly makes your summer running cap prevent you from getting too uncomfortable.

Similarly, running caps are also used to keep the head warm during a winter jog. The cold might not bother Elsa, but it can be quite uncomfortable for the rest of us. These winter running caps usually cover a significant part of your neck and your ears. In this way, they help to hold in the heat and act as a barrier between yourself and the chilly winter winds.

Of course, you will need different designs of running caps for both of these functions.

A quality running cap will keep your hair in check:

It is not only your head that needs protection from the harsh elements of the outside world. Your hair could also benefit from a little love and care while you run. Here, too, the best running caps have lots to offer.

Just like you need sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage, you need a reliable running cap to protect your hair. The UVA and UVB rays from the sun can cause significant damage to your hair if it is exposed. This can lead to problems such as balding, unwanted bleaching, split ends, dry and brittle hair, and much more. Throwing on a cap before you head out for your run can repay you in more ways than one.

A running cap will also protect your hair from dirt and dust flying around. This saves you excessive hair washing, which is another cause for many hair related problems.

The coolest running caps make you look fashionable:

As we mentioned before, workout clothes and athleisure is the new cool in the fashion world. Even though you are planning to go for a run or not, wearing a running cap can instantly elevate your entire look. It is one of the boldest fashion statements of today.

The best running caps keep you looking like a million bucks both – on the track and off of it. They allow you to experiment, have fun with your clothing, and let you explore your creative side. There are many running caps available in cool, bright colors and bold designs today for you to try out.

Does Running With A Hat Slow You Down?

One of the biggest reasons why sports enthusiasts and even some athletes shun wearing a running cap is because they think that it will slow them down.

Sure, running caps can keep you cool (or warm, cold outside), keep your hair in check, and make you look good. But when it comes to winning a race, all of these benefits suddenly appear less appealing. Many people are willing to forsake these advantages for the big trophy at the end of the race.

However, the concept that wearing a running cap will slow your pace could not be farther from the truth. Having the right running cap on can give you that slight edge that you need to win the race!

The secret all lies in the shape of the running cap. Have you ever wondered why the helmets cyclists wear are shaped in such a unique way? This is done to combat the drag, and air resistance produced by their motion and makes them that much faster.

The same principle comes into play with marathon runners and running caps. The caps provide the participant with a streamlined head shape that could work in their favor in a race.

The Main Problems With Finding The Best Running Caps:

So, now you know all about the many advantages you can reap from buying a running cap. You are all set to head out to the market and pick one for yourself. What are some of the problems you can expect yourself to run into during the process? Let’s find out.

There are just too many options to choose from:

The number one problem most people will have with running caps is deciding which one to purchase. Today, there is a whole industry dedicated to making the best running caps. There are so many brands, styles, and types of running caps out there that picking out the best one is next to impossible.

How this problem can be solved is by doing enough research. Asking for reviews – online and from your friends – goes a long way in helping you make a smart choice. Even reading this article to the end is an excellent way of doing your research!

In simple words, educate yourself on all the brands, styles, and types of running caps that appeal to you. Once you have done that, you can almost be sure that the running cap you do decide to purchase will work great for you.

Not all running caps are comfortable to wear:

Though there are thousands of running caps out there for you to choose from, many of these will just be plain uncomfortable. And what could be worse for a race than an uneasy running cap that doesn’t offer any of the benefits you are looking for?!

Your running cap should be breathable enough for long runs, be great at wicking away moisture, and have a high performance in harsh weather. It should not be too out of your budget and should take on some serious usage. As one would imagine, finding all of that in one great hat can be a little challenging, to say the very least.

Finding the right blend of function and fashion is hard!

Even if you are lucky enough to find a great running cap that works exceptionally, it might just lack in the style department. And let’s be honest, none of us wants to wear an eyesore on our heads and be the laughingstock everywhere! This is why it is so important to find the right balance between fashion and function.

Studies show that you perform a lot better when you feel good about the way you look. Therefore, downplaying the aesthetics of a running cap might cost you much more than you perceive. Remember, fashion is not only for the runway!

How To Choose The Coolest Running Caps For Summer?

We have identified the fundamental problems with getting our hands – or rather, our heads – on a good running cap. Now let us talk about how one should go about buying the best running cap.

Keeping the following considerations in mind during your shopping trip can help you make a smart purchase.


The first thing you should be looking at when in the market for a new running cap is manufacturing. Even if the material feels pleasant to touch, doing further research on it is beneficial. This one little detail can make all the difference later on.

Ideally, the material should be good at wicking away moisture, providing protection from the sun, and not weigh too much on your head. With these factors in mind, a polyester or Spandex fabric is usually great for a running cap.

Reliability and performance

Of course, the performance of your running cap would be another essential factor to consider. This means that the best running cap does all that it claims to do and then some. To ensure this fact, we recommend turning to online reviews and repurchasing guides. Look up all the running caps that appeal to you on the internet before deciding which one to buy.


Now, you know that the running cap you have your eyes on gives a mean performance. It is also made out of the best, most comfortable material. But how certain are you about its durability?

It is pointless to buy a running cap that will turn to shreds within a couple of uses. What you need is a product that is as long-lasting as it is efficient. Nobody wants to see their money being flushed down the drain.

But how can you ensure the durability of the running cap that interests you? Well, simple. One way is to consult online reviews again and see what people who have used it have to say about it. Another route would be to focus on the warranty that the company offers.

You will find that it is only the best running caps that come with attractive warranties. And that makes sense too! After all, would you ever offer a guarantee for a product that you know will not last long?

Another point to note here is that going for reputable athlete wear brands will also land you a durable running cap.

Design and Look

It does not matter if you are planning to use your running cap for sports-related uses, or just as a fashion statement. The design and aesthetics are equally important in both situations when picking the best running cap.

Focusing on the design is pretty self-explanatory when you are buying it for the fashion statement. But why is it so important on the run?

Well, a good looking running cap has the potential to give you a significant confidence boost. And this confidence is sometimes all you need to win the race!

The price point

Last but not least, you should also look at the price point when buying yourself a new running cap. Going way out of your budget and being too cheap to pay for quality are both things that you need to stay away from. Paying too much for something that is not worth it is just throwing away money. Similarly, you need to fork over some dough if you are looking to buy a quality product. The smart shopper always takes the middle route, as it is this that leads to a good deal.

Best Running Caps Of 2020 – Comparison Chart

The detailed reviews for the best running caps we could find online are just around the corner. In the meanwhile, take a look at this table which summarizes the basic features of the coolest running caps.

The 5 Best Running Caps Of 2020 – Product Reviews

  1. The 2XU Run Cap
  2. The Montane Coda Cap
  3. The Adidas Perforated Running Cap
  4. The Compressport Pro Racing Cap
  5. The Salomon Reflective Cap

1. The 2XU Run Cap

From Wiggle UK

Key Features:

Customizable fit

If you are tired of ordering various running caps online only to find out that they do not fit you, don’t worry. The 2XU Run Cap offers you the ultimate solution for your problem.

This running hat sports straps whose length can be adjusted as per your requirement. Now you do not need to consult various complex size charts and look ridiculous measuring the size of your head. This 2XU run cap can be customized to fit any head size!

Breathable design

Running for hours at a time can make your head pretty hot. This running cap makes use of smart, breathable design to make sure this does not present a problem for you.

The side air vents on the cap allow the heat from your head to escape, ensuring a proper ventilation system and keeping your head cool. This will enable you to run for longer and faster without taking a break in between.

Great protection from sun

The polyester fabric of this running cap does a great job of preventing the UV rays from hitting your head and hair directly. In this way, it not only keeps you cool but also saves you from severe sun damage.

  • ● The 100% polyester fabric is excellent at keeping sweat off of your face
  • ● This running cap is available in two cool basic colors – black and white
  • ● The lightweight material does not cause discomfort during long runs
  • ● Ensures a good fit for all head sizes
  • ● Elevates a runner’s look
  • ● The unisex design works for people of all genders
  • ● Not available in bright, unique colors

2. The Montane Coda Cap

best running caps
From Wiggle UK

Key Features:


This running cap uses the very efficient COOLMAX sweatband to keep moisture off of your face. The absorbent fabric of the sweatband wicks off any sweat from the forehead before it has a chance to drip into your eyes. Hence, with this running cap on, you can guarantee yourself a focused and comfortable run.

Adjustable Straps

Although this running cap is only currently available in one size, it makes use of adjustable straps to offer some degree of customization. The hook and loop adjustment on the rear side makes it possible for different head sizes to wear it. It also ensures a comfortable yet snug fit that feels like it was designed especially for your head.

UPF 30+

With an Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 30+, this running cap is very good at protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. It creates a barrier and dramatically minimizes any possibility of sunburn.

  • ● Fast during the material of the running cap ensures there is no moisture left
  • ● Smart design provides maximum breathability and comfort
  • ● This running cap is designed to be lightweight and not bothersome to the wearer during prolonged use
  • ● Available in an attractive cerulean blue
  • ● This running cap is currently only available in one size

3. The Adidas Perforated Running Cap

adidas perforated
From Wiggle UK

Key Features:

Well ventilated design

If you find wearing running caps tricky because your head tends to get hot with the exercise, the search stops. The Adidas Perforated Running Cap features a well-ventilated design to prevent heat from building up beneath it.

The three perforated strips of fabric run up the front and across the top of the cap. This ensures that there is always enough ventilation and that you do not feel too warm.

Adjustable back closure

The back of this perforated running cap features a classic hook and loop design. This strap is adjustable as per your liking and comfort. You can easily loosen or tighten the strap to achieve your very own comfort fit.

Padded sweatband

The padded sweatband absorbs any sweat or light rain to prevent it from running into your eyes. It eliminates the need to wear a runner’s sweatband and keeps you comfortable.

  • ● Created as OSFM (one size fits most), so there is likely to be no concern about the fit
  • ● Simple, minimalistic design for an elegant look
  • ● Comes from Adidas – one of the best sports brands in the world
  • ● Medium curved brim and crown
  • ● The fabric has a soft and cozy feel to it
  • ● Great design for people of all ages and genders
  • ● No variety of sizes for child and adult heads
  • ● The light color can easily pick up dirt from a dusty trail and show it

4. The Compressport Pro Racing Cap

best running caps and hats
From Wiggle UK

Key Features:

Antibacterial fabric

Sportswear can often be breeding grounds for all kinds of bacteria if they are not taken care of properly. However, this running cap keeps everything squeaky clean without the added effort. The fabric used to manufacture the Compressport Pro Racing Cap has been treated to be antibacterial to minimize the risk of infections.

Perfect for intense sports activities

The lightweight, fast-drying, and the well-ventilated fabric is specially made to perform during prolonged sports activities. This running cap wicks away the sweat as soon as it leaves your pores.

Articulated visor

The visor can be turned up or down depending on the weather outside. Simply turn it down when it is sunny for extra sun protection. When the sun has gone down, it can be turned back up to offer greater visibility.

  • ● Weighing only 27 g, the Compressport Pro Racing Cap is incredibly lightweight and comfortable
  • ● The fabric quickly gets rid of any moisture without holding it in
  • ● Soft-touch feel material coats the inside of the running cap for maximum comfort
  • ● Great to use in sunny and cloudy weather alike
  • ● Washing this running cap in the washing machine can damage it
  • ● Hand wash only

5. The Salomon Reflective Cap

best running caps
From Wiggle UK

Key Features:

Reflective design

For those who like to go for a run on the road after dinner, the Salomon Reflective Cap is an essential headwear. This cap sports a unique fabric that is tonal in the daylight but turns reflective in low lights. This warns the cars that are driving by the runners on the road and minimizes any chances of ugly road accidents.

Compatible with most sports

The 5-panel design and the adjustable buckle of this cap make it more than a simple running cap. This can be worn for most sports activities without getting in the way.

Superior absorbent material

Salomon’s treated fabric with sweat absorbing properties is excellent at wicking away moisture from the forehead. Hence, this is the best running cap you will get if you like to go on long runs frequently.

  • ● Minimizes the risk of accidents in low light
  • ● 5-panel design
  • ● Adjustable buckle
  • ● Lightweight
  • ● Lacks features for improved breathability

Where To Buy The Coolest Running Caps?

Once you know what exactly you are looking for, the next step is to make the purchase. But where can you get the best running caps while assuring originality and reliability? Here are our top favorite websites to go to when we want to get another running cap for ourselves.


Best Running Caps For Rainy Weather?

When one thinks of running caps, they usually only think of headwear that you can wear on jogs during the summer. But what if you want to go for a run when it’s a little wet outside? Well, you would still need to protect your head and keep your hair dry!!

We suggest opting for a running cap that is waterproof. Materials such as polyester are excellent at keeping moisture (both rain and sweat) off of your face.

The Final Word

Many professional athletes would never dream of going for a run outside without their trusted running cap atop their heads. You have already read about the numerous benefits it can provide, so sports enthusiasts being this faithful to their running cap is only understandable. However, it is essential to note that it is only the best running caps that can offer all of this and more!

Getting a poorly made running cap might be easy on the pocket, but it will only create more problems in the long run (pun intended). The smart move would be to invest in one top running cap that lasts for years to come. We wish you the very best with your purchase!

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