Kids Fitbit Watch The Best of 2020

kids fitbit watch

Being parents, we would always want to track our kids whenever they go outside for activities, we prefer to have an eye on them. It’s been a hack-tack job for everyone. Those were the days when kids were playing in-home lounge and gardens. Well, Fitbit knows how to take care of kids and engage them in healthy activities. We will find out the best Kids Fitbit Watch that is going to help you being parents give them a freehand for all firm activities.

Kids Fitbit Watch

Fitbit is one the reliable brand that is offering great products for all ages. You will find the most attractive features in Fitbit like other big brands. Without compromising on the quality of the product, the stats of fitness activity are trustworthy and shareable with the available online community. Firstly, Fitbit has released a Kids Fitbit Watch but due to some policies and laws that were not suitable for kids but were the best for teenagers.

We have experienced a dedicated Kids Fitbit Watch and going to light up some features in our review. It will be undoubtedly helpful for you to decide between buying as a gift on your baby’s next birthday. Fitbit Ace 2 is made for 6+ years old kids. The cool colours will attract your kids to wear them for a long time in a day.

What can my Kid Can Control?

As Kids Fitbit Watch is specifically designed for kids, there are two control panels. One control panel for kids where they can set different Avatars, time screen, watch and track steps count and most encouraging feature earned badges. For every 60mins of a walk, they will make an existing reward in the form of badges.

Being a parent, you can take control of total activity stats with special login access in the application that is Family Account. We found another interesting feature which is under Family Account control; is to add friends and schedule sleep time as well as wake up alarm under parenting control.

Which Fitbit Watch Is Favourite For The Kids?

As this is a Kids Fitbit Watch, the company have designed the shape more like favourite for kids and teenagers and more colourful straps. Fitbit Ace 2 is a water-resistance up to 50m. That let your kids have fun around with freedom. We think this can be the best for your children and easy to manage all stats under “Family Account.”

For 8+ years old children; Fitbit has another wrist band “Fitbit Ace” with little advancement. That can be the favourite gear as your Kids Fitbit Watch.

kids fitbit watch

What is the Different in Ace and Ace 2 Watch?

As Ace 2 is for 6 years old kids with a few controls and that could be managed under “Family Account,” Fitbit Ace gives more freedom to those kids who own a cellphone. They can set up new health goals, challenge to their competitors in activity tracking mode via an installed app. Fitbit Ace, with all similar functions to Ace 2, gives extra functionality to get all mobile notifications on the screen of wrist band. Still, the data can be monitored by the Family Account.

We would like to add one more useful feature in the content, which is an activity reminder. Our children have to be more active, and we should take care of it, so this feature is satisfying parents. If you feel like something important is missing for your children running outside and safety, then you are not wrong. You can find the best running shoes from the market here. Which will protect children feet and will provide them ease towards whole day activity!

Our Final Verdict – Kids Fitbit Watch

Lastly, we have experienced the uptime of both Kids Fitbit Watches, that is between 5 to 7 days. Uptime of both fitness trackers depends on usage.

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