Best Running Shoes For Road Running reviews

best running shoes for road running reviews

All You Need to Know About Finding the Best Running Shoes for Road-Running

All runners should be aware of the types of running shoes they own. This is because running shoes are made to fit different types of runners, for different running styles. There’s road-running, trail running, cross-training and many other sports you can think of. They all have different types of shoe and you’ll need the best running shoes for road running.

best running shoes for road running reviews

Whether you’re a starter for road-running, daily escaping Wiley Coyote, or part of a road marathon community, we’re here to provide running shoes advice for anyone in the market.

It must be noted there is not one best shoe: there are many depending on your needs as a runner. Continue reading to find out more running shoes advice and a review for 5 best road-running shoes. You may even find a pair that makes you feel like running on clouds.

5 Key Factors About Running Shoes

There’s lots to look for in running shoes, whether they fit nice or have the prettiest of pink designs. But, there’s 5 key factors you should consider so you can find the best running shoes for road-running, for you.

We will be taking a look at the manufacturers, materials, comfort, durability and price factors when looking for new shoes. However, our running shoes advice will look at more types of trainers to give you as much information as possible. This will include running shoes for road-running and trail running.


There are many brands out there providing what they claim to be the best running shoes for road-running. They could be new brands or well-established brands you may have heard before.

A lot of these brands provide shoes that are made to make a profit, and use unsustainable and unethical methods along the way.

Look into the manufacturer of your brand to make sure their sole mission is to provide durable, comfortable and affordable running shoes.

Make sure your manufacturer uses quality control testing. They can use practices developed by the Shoe and Allied Trades Research Association (SATRA) who test each element of shoes.


You’ll need to consider the material of your running shoe as it will need to suit you.

There are fabric shoes made with cloth, leather, nylon, artificial suede and other synthetic materials. Although comfortable, you won’t find cotton running shoes as it is not a durable and will become heavy when wet.

Consider your style of running; do you need nylon for a breathable stretch-fit or polyester for a durable lightweight fit? This will be a personal choice depending on your comfort when running. Thinking about this will allow you to find the best running shoes for road-running.


The best running shoes will fit your foot perfectly. This is why most shoes will have extra padding so allow the foot to remain comfortable while stable.

As well as this, you may find many shoes offering breathable technology. Be it in the fabric of the shoe or the sole. This is to make sure that your feet don’t become sweaty to the point of slipping. This can cause blisters, athletes foot and other unwanted scenarios.

It’s important to try running shoes on where possible instead of buying online. As well as this, if you go into sports-specific stores, the shop assistants can help. They can identify which shoes will benefit your foot shape (because we’re all different).


The average running shoe will last around 200 miles. For some, it may only be 100 (like some Nike Vaporfly design) and others it can be up to 500.

However, there’s levels of acceptance before the shoes need to be changed: including its wear and damage to it.

As a road runner, you will be subject to the toughest grounds, so you’ll need to most shock absorbance to protect your legs. Over time, your best running shoes for road-running may be in-tact but won’t have the same level of protection.

This is why it’s very important to have running shoes designed specifically for road-running, to increase their durability.

It is sometimes suggested to have more than one pair of running shoes for road running. This allows you to alternate, giving the shoes time to breathe while doubling the time before having to buy again.


This is a factor that will drive the sale for most individuals. Whether you’re on a budget or out for any shoe. It’s important to note that the most expensive shoe on the market doesn’t always mean the best.

There are many affordable brands offering high-quality running shoes for road-running. One of which may even be the best for you. We suggest looking for mid-to-high-range prices to put you in a good area for durability, material and technology.

How long do running shoes usually last?

Although we’ve already touched on durability, it’s a more important subject to consider than you may think.

A running shoe’s lifespan will depend on the brand, material, how they are used and how often you use them. Are you also aware that damage to running shoes is exponential? This means that the longer you use them, the more they change shape. When they stretch and change shape, they allow for foot movement which can then lead to grip issues.

It is important that you use your road-running shoes for road-running, only, and not for other types of exercise. Consequently, this will decrease their durability as they are working harder to provide support on surfaces they were not made for.

This same principle should be used for other types of running shoes, too. Don’t use trail-running shoes for road-running as you will decrease their durability.

What is the difference between road-running shoes and trail running shoes?

First thing to know about running shoes and what makes them differ is the ‘lugs’. Lugs are the protruding rubber parts located on the bottom of the shoe’s sole to provide grip for the runner. The number one difference between road-running shoes and trail-running shoes is the size of their lugs.

Trail running shoes will have much larger lugs to enable the runner to pace on uneven surfaces while keeping grip. On the other hand, road-running shoes will have little to no lugs as they can also provide unwanted resistance.

Not only this, but trail-running shoes are generally considered heavier. This is to allow for further grip and stability on the soft uneven surfaces that are off-road.

You may also want to a look at our other blog “Best Budget Trail Running Shoes UK”. It provides more information about trail-running shoes, where to find them and what’s good for a budget.

Can trail running shoes be good for road-running?

So, you know the difference between these two particular types of shoes. But, you must note that there are many more types of running shoes out there that are fit for their specific purpose.

If you’re a regular trail-runner but deciding to do some occasional road-running, then there shouldn’t be much of an issue. However, if you’re considering road-running for a more long-term endeavour, then you’ll want to take our running shoes advice and purchase for the road.

Please do not use road-running shoes for trail-running as this may cause damage to muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments.

What are the best running shoes for road-running?

After all of that important information, now comes the fun part! We have done some of the hard work for you by producing a review for road-running shoes.

Have a look below for reviews on 5 best road running shoes that are available on today’s 2020 market:

  1. Asics Men’s Gel-Nimbus 21 Running Shoes
  2. HOKA Clifton 6 Runningshoe Men
  3. Nike Men’s Zoom Fly 3 Running Shoes
  4. ASICS Mens GlideRide Running Shoes
  5. Adidas Men’s Ultraboost 20 Running Shoe

Asics Men’s Gel-Nimbus 21 Running Shoes

These are super smart running shoes available in a very suitable combination of color, grey, and red. Unlike any other ordinary shoe, men’s gel-nimbus 21 has a unique feature that provides its supreme bounce. Asics has always been a number brand for the road runners, you will find a lot of running shoes in their collection that are worth the Best Shoes For Running Reviews 2020.


It has FlyteFoam Propel Technology, which is ASICS’s unique formulation, which makes the foam more energetic and bouncy when you intend to take a step ahead. This feature provides a forward push making you run in a flow with a little bouncy assistance. This foam formulation is uniquely made from an elastomer compound.

You have most of your weight on your heels, so they need a little extra attention when you’re using them a little more than usual. These shoes will provide a heel clutching system technology, which has an exoskeletal heel counter to provide better and firm support; it even enhances the fitting.

Homely Environment

There’s also a soft padded area over the sole to provide your feet with a homely environment called midsole, which is made from FlyteFoam Lyte Technology. This technology is ASICS’s own, which makes the lightest weight midsole formulation because of its being made from nanofibers. This midsole overall provides a cushion for the feet.

In this particular product of ASICS, they have improved the upper fit of the shoe.


No one wants to get the same product every other year, so durability is one major factor customers consider before buying the product, and this product is made exceptionally durable by the use of outsoles in its critical areas. This is an AHAR Outsole. AHAR is an acronym for ASICS High Abrasion Rubber.

To make this more flexible and durable, the outer material used for these running shoes is fabric. Fabric will prevent it from heating up in summers and also makes it washable. It has a soft, durable rubber sole to adjust correctly beneath your feet.


For a perfect fit, you can tighten up the laces as well. This product is not high heeled and has a low heel of 1.25 inches only. Its extra features include reflectivity. Reflectivity will increase the visibility during low light timings; it has durable reflective materials designed to be bright reflective.

All in all, this Asics Running shoes is the right one to pick and no doubt the best running shoes

  • • Comfy and soft for daily runners.
  • • Tested Scok-Absorption.
  • • Wider area in the shoe.
  • •Value of money.
  • • Sleek & versatile design.

  • • It has poor quality sole than the older version.

HOKA Clifton 6 Runningshoe Men

Clifton is a big name and has walked all these miles to provide its customers with shoes for all types of runners. Clifton works for both veterans and beginners. This Hoka road shoes review will clear all your doubts.


Clifton is famous for its amazingly formulated foam of sole and midsole, which makes up lightweight cushioning and is believed to be the pioneer of the type of shoes. These shoes are overly cushioned yet not heavy and bulky, and this gained them a lot of attention because who wouldn’t like a comfortable environment for their feet while running.

Grip and material 

This product is the 6th version of the shoe. Certainly, it comes with some new and enhanced features. Improvement made in the material used in the upper part of the interior makes it more adjustable and softer to let your feet rest more efficiently and comfortably. Also, it provides an excellent fit and grip with a more magnificent room for the toe box.


Clifton 6 also got its geometry a little bit redesigned. One of the significant changes we’ve noticed is the middle has become slightly softer, lighter and more comfortable. As a result, this particular shoe weighs around 9.1 ounces and has a 5mm of drop.

Comparing the 6th Clifton from the last year one, it has slightly softer full compression EVA foam used in the midsole. Most importantly, the shoe maintains a rocketed geometry as in previous years to promote efficiency.

This pair of shoes are so comfortable that you will be unable to feel the road because the foam will provide you with enough bounce that running becomes swift even if you’re in quicksand.


To outstandingly increase the durability of the outsole, some parts that have contact with the surface and path are placed with a Hi-abrasion lightweight rubber. Similarly, the rest of the outsole is made of the same foam used in the making of the midsole. Using two types of material and less rubber is an attempt of the company to make the shoe lightweight

Just like many more things are better in this year’s version, EVA foam has also improved from last year’s version. It has become softer and more comfortable, which can make your ride swift and smooth.


It’s scientifically designed in a way that when you put a step ahead, it will create a forward momentum that will push you ahead for that step. Softer midsole and comfortable upper insole make it easy to wear and convenient to log kilometres in no time and effort.

To make it durable and less dense, it has got a little bit less rubber than most of the other shoes in its class, but it shows no unusual signs to make it bad in comparison to them.

Due to the extensive exposure of EVA foam, it will start breaking down first, but this doesn’t cause any problem other than disturbing your aesthetics.

Clifton 6 is made up of the engineered mesh, which is soft and durable for more prolonged use. Similarly, it’s finely engineered to create an excellent medium for foot and breaths well.

  • Remarkably lightweight despite providing outstanding support.
  • Breathable Synthetic mesh allows feet to be odourless and sweat-free.
  • Appearance is aesthetically appealing.
  • Available in multiple colours.
  • Mesh material used will get cold in winter 

Nike Men’s Zoom Fly 3 Running Shoes

Nike zoom fly 3 has a thick sole combining two types of foams, which is a react foam midsole and a carbon fibre plate. Certainly, which makes it stiff and responsive. Moreover, below we have discussed some of the features of the Nike Zoom Fly 3. Nike has made its name with the quality, durability, comfort, and the incredible design. Without doubt, this Nike Zoom Fly 3 is worth adding in our list for the Best Running Shoes For Road Running reviews 2020


The React midsole is slightly stiffer and less bouncy than the ZoomX, but its function is justified for its actual purpose, which is daily training and runs. Nike has worked on improving the heat management of the shoe and has made a better Vaporweave material that sheds water better than Flyknit. Overall, its features make it one of the best road running shoes.


Nike has its own branded foam, specially made for these shoes. Likewise, it is a dense, responsive React foam and has a fantastic fit, along with a mesh interior sleeve beneath the upper’s Vaporweave shell to deal with the sweat. In the same vein, these features result in slight heaviness as compared to others, but these features also make it durable and comfortable for regular use proving all the heaviness worth it.


To get all the sweat off the shoes, Vaporweave is made, which is all comfortable and is available in vibrant colours making the shoe look strikingly beautiful. Consequently, this can be the best running shoes for men and women. It’s a versatile selection of colours makes it perfect for both.

In this model of Nike pairs, there’s significantly elevated cushioning than there is in the forefoot, while there is extreme stiffness because it is carbon-filled. This sole has made some of the users feel like they’re stepping on a trampoline.

There’s sufficient foam of about 1.5 inches beneath your heel and 1 inch beneath the forefoot, which makes the midsole feel substantial. The area given in the forefoot is considerably more extensive than in the heel, which makes uncomfortably narrow heels.

Vaporweave Upper

Thermoplastic polymers and nylon are used to design the VaporWeave. So that, it avoids holding water. This Vaporweave feature is mainly designed to make material breathe well and stop the absorption of external water like rain and puddle. Therefore, you will find the Vaporweave exactly above the tall midsole. Also, this material has less stretchiness and gives a more secure fit. I feel these are the best running shoes for road runners.

Forefoot-Dominant Outsole

There are tiny Grooves in the rubber outsole that provide a channel to the sweat water to get out when it accumulates underneath your foot.

While the front half of it is covered by a single piece of blown rubber, with grooves designed to let sweat water escape from under your foot, the heel has two different rubber strips on either side of the shoe.

Run Impressions

Nike Zoom Fly 3 has stiff sensation and feels very responsive. Also, its rigid nature makes it perfectly suitable for racing and fast runs, yet its thick sole makes it fantastic for daily use as well.

  • Secure heel lockdown
  • Airflow upper wide toe-box fit
  • Quick roll-offs while running fast
  • Average heel outsole durability
  • Lack of optional width size adjustment.

ASICS Mens GlideRide Running Shoes

Due to some losses faced by ASICS earlier, this company has revamped with a new CEO, and some new shoe technologies to regain their credibility in the shoe market. ASICS have again managed to entertain their customers with some of the best road running shoes.

After two years of research, ASICS found out better and improved formulas for their products. They introduced their outstanding product MetaRide in early 2019, and this increased the company’s market value once again. MetaRide is still one of the finest in the market.

MetaRide being the Savior for the company, was a heroic feature, but some customers found to be not much satisfied. They felt it lacked something.

This product, GlideRide, is a modified form of MetaRide, which has taken useful features from MetaRide. Also, some other improvements are made to satisfy those customers who found something missing in MetaRide. They added an improved upper and even decreased its price as well.

Sole Unit

GlideRide has its significance among all the other running shoes. Also, it is made up of various types of materials like EVA and TPU foam, which makes its forward propulsion even better and makes you walk even faster. Its rockered shape makes an addition to its smart running capabilities.

ASIC has combined two of its foam in a way that FlyteFoam, which is a very responsive and bouncy foam, lies on top of the ASICs another foam FlyteFoam Propel.

It assists you in the running and saves your energy with its rockered GuideSole shape. GuideSole shape will reduce the amount of movement your ankle has to do while running. This GuideSole foam has a thickness of about 35mm.

EVA Plate

Along with a hard EVA plate placed in the forefoot, it also has some gel pods provided in the heel to give you forward propulsion.

Gel pods tend to be a con more than a pro; gel pods give an extra heaviness to the already massive pair of shoes weighing around 11.3 ounces. It also provides a shallow drop of 6mm because of high cushioning.

GlideRide gives you a very comfortable feel while running. It provides a protective, stable, and bouncy sensation. ASICs have scientifically designed its shoe so that the centre of gravity of the shoes is aimed towards the heel to reduce fatigue while you’re running.

Upper Unit

Since ASIC has walked a long mile to satisfy customers again with their products, they came up with technological advancements in the midsole foam and even its shape. It has now become easier to overlook the upper on this shoe.

Due to some losses, ASIC couldn’t keep up with all the other brands who brought comfortable knit uppers, but ASIC has struggled a lot in this area in the last few years.


This model GlideRide of ASIC offers a brilliantly perfect upper with an elegant design that provides a comfortable, soft, and secure environment for the feet, specifically the heel and forefoot. It gives more room to the toe box as well.

GlideRide fits like the skin on your feet, even though the shoe is very heavy and stiff but due to the presence of the EVA plate and its rocker shape. The shoe fits so perfectly that it doesn’t even slip when you’re walking down a steep road or downhills.

GlideRide has a heel collar as well, and it just adds some extra weight to it only. So, it’s more of a con.

  • ery Lightweight
  • Running made easier
  • Form-fitting

  • It would not be the right choice as a gym shoe or cross-training. 

Adidas Men’s Ultraboost 20 Running Shoe

Adidas is such a big name that It barely matters if you run or not, you must have heard of its names because of its popularity. Adidas is not only famous for its shoes, but it also manufactures other gym instruments like gym wardrobe and bags.

If you wear a pair of Adidas anywhere, anybody can easily recognize it at the very first glance because of its popularity. Above all, this particular product is made for running purposes, and all the technology is put to make it better as a good daily trainer.

They have achieved the threshold for a good daily trainer, and even Ultraboost has a very versatile design with an attractive appearance. So, it makes it appealing for the customer.

This one model of Adidas can beat many of its competitors existing in the market. While the other brands will offer you around $30 cheaper product with some more technology as well.

First Impressions

At the very first glance, you might like the white-on-white arrangement of colours. Since other colours are not that attractive and a little bit dull, one would go for white, which is decent and beautiful, but the drawback is white goes dirty faster than any other colour. No doubt, these are the best running shoes for beginners.

Apart from its availability of colours, this is one smart shoe, with sleek design and charming appearance. No matter what you wear it for, they’re always comfortable and homely for your feet. Therefore, you can give it an extra touch by wearing it along with a work outfit. They’re soft and cushioned, but not too spongy and soft.

Sole Unit

This product of Adidas has its name based on its most significant feature that’s its sole unit. Likewise, Adidas is famous for putting all its effort and technologies in its sole for better comfort. They used ultra-boost foam material beneath the whole sole.

This year, the material used shows 20% more forward propulsion and boost than previous ones.

The boost or forward push is so noticeable that you can’t miss appreciating it. Inside the boost foam, there’s a floating spring that is used. Which is high quality and bears enough weight, stays durable for running miles even. The spring provides you with a sudden snap when you intend to move ahead. This makes it the best running shoe.


Just like the rest of the Adidas UltraBoosts outsoles, this one is also made with their traditional stretch web. This outsole offers a larger contact area, which translates to a superior grip.

These shoes have a strong point that despite the steep floor or walking downhill, they never lose the grip.


There’s a thicker cushion of about 27mm under the heel and lesser beneath the forefoot that is 17mm. However, the provided cushion is quick and bouncy but doesn’t work well for longer runs.

A functional shoe responsibility is to make your feet unable to sense the road. So that, you might feel the rocks individually under your foot if you decide to walk over them.

Upper Unit

Adidas has used an upper material that completely encompasses the foot and grabs enough to provide sufficient support throughout. So, It’s a one-piece woven sock upper known as “Primeknit 360”.

The breathable upper knit material is used considering the heat and sweat while you run. Therefore, it becomes slightly uncomfortable.

Here are some Pros & Cons of Adidas Ultraboost 20: It has push mechanism, energy-saving functionality built in, comfy upper sole and firm grip. In other hand, it is a bit bulky though. Lastly, not very good cushioned and expensive.


Finally, our expert here at Best Marathon Training Plan puts the Asics Men’s Gel-Nimbus above the rest. They have the best positive reviews and provide the right support for long-distance road runners.

Now, we have given you a list of some of the best running shoes for road-running out there, but that’s not to say there aren’t more for you to test. Get out into the sports shops and try some pairs on. You may be surprised at what you find.

Beware not to buy fashion running shoes! Yes, they look amazing. Yes, they come from sporting brands. But no, they are not made for the running you will be doing.

Also, please check out our blog for ‘best training shoes for marathon‘, for in-depth knowledge about all marahon shoes. Keep checking in to find more reviews and information on running, jumping and flying to the moon. (Maybe not the last one).

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