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high 5 energy gel

According to most runners,  enery gels are necessary for marathon. But you do need to be careful in using them and in the gel that you choose. One energy gel we are particularly impressed with is High 5 Energy Gel Aqua. This product is safe and effective and because we just love the taste!

So Why Do We Need Energy Gels Anyway?

The problem with any type of long distance running is that after around 60 minutes your energy levels will drop and you are literally running on empty.  Cue an energy gel.  This floods your body with simple sugars and carbs so that your body has something to work with.

The Formula Of Energy Gel

The simple sugar content in an energy gel is usually provided by glucose and/or fructose – a fruit sugar which is very easily absorbed by the body and is fast working.

Energy gels are not all the same.  Some energy gels contain added caffeine for example which is not suitable for some runners as it can cause jitteriness and can be dangerous for the central nervous system.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Energy Gel?

Caffeine increases the heart rate and with your heart already pumping and working as hard as possible, there is a risk of putting the heart under too much strain. Although an energy gel that contains caffeine can give you a much needed energy boost, you need to be careful when using if you have any underlying health concerns.

Some energy gels contain added electrolytes (SIS Go Energy Gel Review) to replace body fluids which are lost by sweat. It is basically mix of salts and minerals in your body that have an electric charge which is needed for many physical functions.

So What Makes High 5 Energy Gel Aqua So Special?

High 5 Energy gel Aqua has everything you need to bring your body back into balance during your run. It contains 23g of carbohydrates and is caffeine free. It also contains electrolytes so replenishes all these vital minerals that are lost in sweat.

high 5 energy gel
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The glucose content is another advantage. Many energy gels contain fructose, a plant sugar which is extremely fast working. The problem with fructose is that although it is fast working, it does not stay in the body for long. By contrast, glucose takes slightly longer to absorb but is far longer lasting.

High 5 Energy Gel contains a great balance of ingredients that will work.

Is There A Choice Of Flavours?

It is available in a choice of 20 great flavours including mojito, orange, mango and banana.  

How To Use High 5 Energy Gel Aqua?

High 5 Energy Gel Aqua is ideal for runners who need something to lift energy levels without the risk of adverse side effects. You can take up to three sachets per hour without causing any adverse effects. You can use it before, during and for post marathon recovery.

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