SIS Go Energy Gel Review

SIS Go Energy Gel

when Should I Drink Electrolytes Energy Gels?

Maintaining a healthy electrolyte balance is important when you are taking part in any activity that makes you sweat. Because this deprives your body of crucial minerals and salts. This means you should certainly drink electrolytes Such as Sis Go energy gel, when you are running or cycling long distance.

Sis Go Isotonic Energy Gel provides an easy and fast way of rehydrating your body and increasing your energy levels. It is also ideal for marathon runners and anyone looking for the best energy gels for cycling.

Why Are Electrolytes So Important?

Electrolytes are minerals and salts in the body that we need to carry out our bodily functions. Activities such as moving, working our brain, the health and movement of muscles. Well, and every other thing you can think of. They are present in sweat, blood and urine so when you exercise you do lose electrolytes through sweat.

Mainly, Electrolytes are in the minerals which are present in our food. Common electrolytes include calcium, sodium, potassium, chloride and bicarbonate.

For athletes such as runners and cyclists, a loss of electrolytes will affect performance. Which can cause causing fatigue, dizziness and lethargy as well as tired muscles and muscle twitching.

So What Makes Sis Go Energy Gels So Special?

Sis Go Running Gels are designed to boost energy levels by delivering a powerful blend of electrolytes, carbs and sugars. They help muscle function and recovery post exercise. They are also a fantastic way to pick you up when your energy levels are getting low.

SIS Go Energy Gel
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Unlike many running gels, Sis Go Running Gels targets energy loss, not by simply flooding your body with sugar but providing vital nutrition to tired muscles when it counts.

Easily digestible, each Sis Go running gel contain 22g of carbs. This is ideal for a quick energy boost when you need it. They won’t make you feel bloated by too much liquid. It will rehydrate your body so that you can finish the race without feeling shaky or nauseous.

According to Sis Go product information, this is the world’s first isotonic energy gel on the market.

Is There A Choice Of Flavours?

A great point about Sis Go Isotonic gels is that they also come in a mixed box of flavours. You get a selection of them all!  Flavours include: Apple, Lemon & Lime, Tropical, Orange, Blackcurrant, Pineapple and Pink Grapefruit.

How To Use Sis Go Running Gels?

You can use Sis Go Running Gels before, during or after exercise. As with all energy gels, you should take them at least 20 minute apart. In addition, each gel contains 22g of carbs. So you should not consume more than 66g of carbs in an hour or it could cause stomach distress.


Sis Go Running Gels are ideal for taking in a late stage of a race. Because they will help you reach the finish line in better shape and faster than otherwise possible.

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