Spring Energy Gels UK Review

spring energy gle uk

A Natural Way To Boost Energy

When you are training and keeping fit, a healthy balanced diet is crucially important. Spring Energy Gels provide a natural healthy way for endurance athletes to improve their energy levels without causing the body to overload with sugars.

If you are a half marathon runner or are looking for the best energy gels for cycling, Spring Energy Gels are a great way to boost your energy levels without compromising your health.

Spring Energy is a major European company that has a specific base in the UK but also operates across many countries in Europe.

What is the problem with some energy gels?

Many energy gels overload the body with sugars. Although this can definitely help improve energy levels very fast, there can be side effects too. Such as stomach pains and other signs of gastro intestinal distress. In addition, too much sugar creates spikes in energy. Once this wears off, it leads to a worse dip in energy so this commits you to taking even more.

Most energy gels use a combination of maltodextrin, fructose and glucose. Which enters the blood stream fast but only have a superficial effect; you may feel better following taking but these types of products do nothing for your long term health.

So what makes Spring Energy Gels so special?

Spring energy gel contains real food rather than a synthetic cocktail of synthetic ingredients and sugarsIt only contain natural ingredients in a balanced combination that sustains the body without causing sugar spikes.

spring energy gle uk

A powerhouse of natural ingredients

Spring Energy gels have an impressive array of natural ingredients including honey, fatty acids derived from peanuts and plant oils. The formula contains beetroot – a fantastic source of nitrates that boosts muscle oxygenation. There is pea protein – a complete protein which contains all amino acids required by the body. There are natural sources of electrolytes including bananas which are high in potassium and coconut water.

The formula is a unique blend of natural powerful ingredients. This will have health benefits and will improve energy and endurance and help with post exercise recovery.

Is there a choice in flavours?

There is a choice in flavours including Canberry based on strawberries and Banana. The Spring range is aimed at providing specific functions for each flavour. So you can choose between Hill Aid, Power Rush, Electroride and more.

How to use Spring Energy Gels?

Although the names of the Spring Energy Gels are descriptive in that they tell you what each one is supposed to do, there probably is not too much difference between the individual formulas as they are all crammed with the same ingredients.  All flavours are natural.

You can use Spring Energy Gels, before, during and after your marathon, cycle race or any other type of sports.

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