What Makes Volleyball Shoes Different?

what makes volleyball shoes different

When you want to perform your level best, you need the best shoes for the game. That’s why know what makes volleyball shoes different throughout the different topics.

While trying on the new sport, many people do not want to spend extra money on shoes. They want to use the shoes they have. Most of the people think that they need shoes or not. 

what makes volleyball shoes different
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Do they need volleyball shoes to play the sport? Or they can use the shoes which they have for basketball or running. The solution is you need shoes for volleyball. So you need to spend money on purchasing volleyball shoes. 

Moreover, anyone can tell you to use running shoes or basketball shoes for volleyball. As a player of volleyball, they do not know the right thing. 

So tell them politely that they are not right. Also running and playing basketball is different from playing volleyball. While playing volleyball, your body demands and movements are different from other sports. 

Since you want to perform the label best and like to use them as AllDayShoe, you need the best shoes for the game. So, let’s know what makes volleyball shoes different throughout the below topics. 

What Are The Differences?

There are a few differences between running or basketball and volleyball. But there are two significant differences. Also, those are their weight and soles. While playing volleyball, it is the demand of the game that you need to move differently. 

So the shoes need to be perfect for the movement. Volleyball shoes are very lightweight. Moreover, it has to be lightweight because the player needs to put less energy to move for the game. 

Suppose the shoe is more substantial than the player feels difficulties in moving. The Volleyball shoe sole is a bit complex; that is the difference.        

Gum Rubber

The player of volleyball needs to jump, wear ankle braces and knee pads. Do you know anything about “gum rubber”?  This is the thing that makes the shoe clutch. Gum rubber uses for matching the shoe, and this keeps the court mark-free as well.

Furthermore, this rubber is pliable and soft kind of rubber. Also, this rubber uses for squeegees or tubing, and you may know that. Gum rubber is very flexible, and it allows smooth movement during playing in the court. 

Besides, it holds up after the numerous jumps. Gum rubber is not just for flexibility. This rubber helps to keep the player’s balance for the game. 

Gum rubber’s most necessary traction is it helps for quick start and stop, jumps, and quick cuts. This kind of slip-resistance and traction does not match with other shoes for gum rubber. It helps to prevent unwanted injuries as well.


The major part of the volleyball shoe is the sole of the shoe. If the sole is perfect, you feel comfortable, and the movement will be smooth. Sole is the fundamental element of the shoe. Most of the volleyball shoe sole is made by gum rubber. 

What is the importance of rubber gum? If you are a player of volleyball, you need to start and stop the move many times. You should always be ready for quick cuts. Also, the floor is smooth and made of shiny wood. 

So you will need better traction, and you get this from the sole of rubber gum. All athletic shoes also have soles of gum. But the volleyball shoes’ sole gum is different from them. It is semi-transparent. Besides, maximum shoes they dye for matching color. 

Plus, other shoes, such as running shoes, have various surfaces, so that way, rubber gum is not used. For this reason, regular rubber will be the best option for it. So other shoes are not suitable for the volleyball player.      


It would help if you moved for the game, and your feet movement produces heat. Moreover, heat breeds moisture, and sweat. For the game, your feet need to be dry so that it protects you from slipping. So the shoe needs to permits airflow.  

The Volleyball shoes upper section consists of mesh or nylon. The material allows airflow, keeps your feet cooler and moisture. If your feet are dry and cold, then you are ready to perform better.  


Though, a female player of volleyball hit the volleyball with two blockers across. And the compulsory part is you select the shoe which has the perfect quantity of cushioning. 

A player needs to jumps much, and it can cause swelling in your feet. For this reason, your well fit shoes feel quite tight. Generally, the inner part of the cushion is a gel. 

The purpose of cushion designing allows the shoe to support quick moves and absorb shock during the game simultaneously. This function helps you to reduce the injury during play. 


You will not weigh down for the hefty kicks. For males and females, the weigh is not the same. Weigh for the male is (11.2- 15) ounces and female (9.2- 11) ounces. 

Volleyball shoes are very lightweight, and the player uses the shoe for the advantage of carrying them back. So they will not feel difficulties.  


The shoe of volleyball needs to fit well and should not rub or pinch. Like other shoes of sports, this shoe needs to fit, and your foot will not move in the shoe. You have to jump again and again while playing. 

During the game, your foot will not blisters or burn inside the shoe. If the shoe fits well, you can enjoy the game and move quickly. Besides, you need to know which shoe fits appropriately in your foot.    

The Bottom Line

Volleyball players are playing inside the court an entire year. There is no reason for not purchasing the right shoe for the play. The right shoe creates better jump, breathability, traction, prevent injury, and many more. 

Also, the multi-sport player can purchase this shoe for various uses. They can use the shoe as running shoes, basketball shoes, and cross-trainer as well. 

Even you can use other shoes after you leave the court. If you wear volleyball shoes, you can feel the difference and think that it was not a waste of money—last, of all ready to buy the pair of shoes. 

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