Which Fitbit to buy? A 2020 Review Guide

which fitbit to buy

Simple Guide To Find Best Fitbit Watch You Need!

When it comes to exercise and fitness tracking watches, then Fitbit is a leading fitness tracking brand like Garmin. You will find the best and advance stats to track your physical and medical health. Having Fitbit on your wrist is quite a confidence developing when exercising. You will hardly miss the activity tracking even when you are taking rest. We are trying to bring our best guide on “which Fitbit to buy?” So, it may help you to get the one according to your budget and requirements.

Functionalities of Fitbit

Fitbit can be the best choice for yourself when you have eager to maintain your health. We have noticed the standard features that you can find in Fitbit brand such as:

  • Good battery life
  • Activity Reminder
  • Heartrate Monitor
  • Sleep tracking for quality bed rest
  • Water-resistant

However, few models have extra advance features to control over voice commands. As this is a top-selling brand, some people faced issues regarding their extraordinary expectation and different satisfaction levels.

Similar to Garmin watches, Fitbit has also community associated with smart exercise goals. There you can share your daily activity stats and join the running campaigns for multiple exercises. Fitbit Alta HR is the most famous wrist band for activity tracking. If your goal is to get fit and to track on a daily bases, then Alta HR is the best fitness band with the best price.

Which Fitbit to Buy?

To get in shape is the one dream of every person. We do a lot of things daily, and routine life is so busy with work and home. If you are the one of that type, then Fitbit Charge 3 is the great motivation for you. It will let you count on calories, your intake and burned calories in the whole day activity. All the stats of daily exercise, you can get on your screen in a few clicks.

The big advantages of Fitbit Charge 3 have, you can set customize exercise goals, count your bed hours, and the application will help you to evaluate whether it was healthy sleep or not.

When you are sitting on a couch or office chair, it will remind you to perform a healthy activity or even a few steps for a walk. Isn’t it inspiring you?

Let me tell you more! You can get your essential notifications on your wrist band, also call answering functionality is added.

In a case, you are a high-tech guy or women and love to wear something stylish on your wrist with holding smartwatch functionalities then Fitbit Versa 2 should be the best option. From the series of Fitbit Versa, Fitbit Versa 2 is upgraded with built-in Amazon Alexa. Alexa voice controller helps you to proceed to voice commands. With the premium features, it will let you make your profile and suggests you as per your health goals. Versa 2 is a multiple sports tracker with many different modes.

which fitbit watch to buy
Fitbit Versa 2

Uptime is one specialty of Fitbit brand. Once you charged it, forget it for days.

Our Verdict

For more specific functionalities towards fitness, Fitbit Inspire HR can be the best choice for you within a budget. This edition is designed to calculate your Heartbeat rate more precisely and count your daily steps. The watch is more like a fitness band and light in weight. Your wrist will hardly notice something worn all day long.

When we are talking all about fitness brands, Shoes for running is an essential part of the exercise. Wouldn’t you like to wear comfortable running shoes for a morning walk or gym? Please check out our extensive detail on running shoes and find that perfect fit for you!

We hope you find the answer to which Fitbit to buy with our guide.

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