Fitbit vs Apple Watch in Detail Review

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In this review, we will find out which is the best smartwatch in Fitbit Versa 2 and Apple Watch Series 5, so Fitbit vs Apple Watch. We will try to guide you the best so that it will help you in making a choice in both that perfect fit your needs.

However, Before we start the review, we would like to tell you that both brands have their pros and cons that can’t degrade the company/brand. So, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages doesn’t mean to courage you against them.

When we talk about Apple and Fitbit, they both are both hot selling brands on the market. Consequently, both brands are having quite similar functionalities of fitness and smartwatch in one place. As a result, people love to wear as their personal gadgets. On the other hand, If someone is a band conscious then they will prefer an expensive brand like Apple smartwatch.

But when it comes to saving your money, then Versa 2 is a similar quality-smartwatch in a budget. Also, if your primary concern is fitness then Fitbit could be the best choice for yourself. In general, both brands are serving and have huge fan communities. However, both brands are not the same, there is something uncommon in both brands that differentiate in Apple and Fitbit.

There is even more, So let’s see how Fitbit vs Apple Watch is.

Fitbit and Apple Watch in Detail

Firstly, we can say Fitbit Vera 2 is a famous fitness brand that is focusing on health and fitness. Whereas, Fitbit Lite has something more that support contactless payments (option vary from country to country). However, significant difference in Fitbit vs Apple Watch is: Fitbit is designed to focus all healthy activity tracking systems and smartwatch features in extras. As well as Apple Watch Series 5 was created for all the smartwatch features that are missing in Fitbit Versa 2 and activity monitors always a second priority.


When you are counting on features, then Apple Watch Series 5 is leading, but not everyone would like to use them.

Both Apple and Fitbit can be connected to your phone via wirelessly, but Versa 2 has limited app control over iPhone and Apple is mainly can be operated via iPhone. However, there is an edge for Apple smartwatch users to make and answer calls directly from the watch.

So, you can access all your notifications, and Siri can read all your text and emails if you’re connected to the same Wi-Fi, that doesn’t bother how far your cellphone is. in addition, you can stream your favourite songs direct from the Apple store without downloading it into your watch. But when we come to the accuracy of fitness tracking has been improved with fall detection and advance steps tracking stats.

So far as if the fitness is concerned, Versa 2 has an on-screen exercise guide and further, there is an opportunity of Premium Integration (which is a customized training plan) dependent on subscriptions. The Premium subscription helps you with tips for adaptive workouts, voice coaching, and in-depth reports of mindfulness. In eddition, it has always had a robust and user-friendly app with tons of fitness data, but it should be noted that all of these data are self-contained within the app and are not shared with the Apple Health app.

fitbit vs apple watch

Fitbit VS Apple Watch

Fitbit Versa 2Apple Watch Series 5
From $150From $400 (More than twice Fitbit)
Battery Life (One-time Charging) 
5 DaysUp to 18 hours
40mm40mm, 44mm
38 grams almost30 grams almost
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFCWi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, onboard GPS,
Music Play: 
Stored in the memoryStreaming Apple Music
Onboard Workout: 
Personal TrainerPre-made Routine
Sleep Tracking: 
Built-inThird-party App
Notification Reply: 
No reply supported on iPhoneSame as Phone
Voice Controller: 
OS Connectivity: 
Android, iPhoneiPhone

In Conclusion!

To sum up, before you go to buy Apple or Fitbit; you should know what are you looking for? For instance, are you looking for a smartwatch that tracks your daily activities? You are a busy person and want a 7 days batter life? Above all, want to count on your calories and few functions you may require like getting notified on your wristwatch? Then the answer is obvious, and you should go for Fitbit Versa 2 Smart Fitness tracker watch.

Most importantly, if communication is essential for you and you have a busy routine that keeps you on-the-go? Also, if you prefer little autonomy from your iPhone? Then go for Apple Watch Series 5.

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